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iPhone Water Damage Repair

Water Damage

Water Damage Repair

iPhixx are based in Banbury and specialise in water damage repairs for the whole of the UK. We currently successfully repair over 70% of all water damaged iPhones that come in for repair.


What's the process?
As water inside the device begins to dry, corrosion also sets in. This is why a water damaged iPhone may function normally till a few days have passed. We use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all the corrosion and water residue from the logic board. The board then takes 24 hours to dry after being rinsed in distilled water.


Now the fun part begins. We need to verify full functionality of the iPhone by testing EVERY component and feature. This includes the battery, screen, earpiece and the microphone. If any components have become damaged then the customer will be notified at this point and we'll seek permission for any additional repairs.


What to do if you've just dropped your iPhone in water...

If the iPhone hasn't turned itself off then that's the first thing to do. It's crucial you do not attempt to operate the iPhone whilst liquid is present inside.

Do not try to dry it yourself, we can't really reccomend the rice trick as that may cause more damage in the long run.

Lastly book the repair online and send your water damaged iPhone in for repair as soon as possible. Alternatively pop into our office for the iPhone repair if you're based in Banbury yourself.


If you have any questions about the iPhone water damage repair just give us a call on 01295 533655.

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