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iPhone 6S Water Damage Repair

We're pleased to be able to offer water damage repairs for the iPhone 6s.   The iPhone 6s has already been dropped in toilets, baths, sinks, puddles to name a few!   The iPhone 6s water damage repair uses the same process as it's younger siblings.   1. The logic board is removed and heavy corrosion is lightly brushed off the board. 2. It is then placed in an ultrasonic cleaner to further remove any corrosion. 3. After the board is dry it is then placed into a dummy iPhone with new components 4. At this stage each original component...

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iPhone Water Damage Repair

Water Damage

Water Damage Repair iPhixx are based in Banbury and specialise in water damage repairs for the whole of the UK. We currently successfully repair over 70% of all water damaged iPhones that come in for repair.   What's the process?As water inside the device begins to dry, corrosion also sets in. This is why a water damaged iPhone may function normally till a few days have passed. We use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all the corrosion and water residue from the logic board. The board then takes 24 hours to dry after being rinsed in distilled water.   Now...

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iPhone 5 Smashed Screen?

We can all agree that the iPhone is a premium device. Manufactured by Apple so there are no shortcuts when it's being put together. The best bit about it? The touch screen. Until, it smashes! Suddenly it's not the beautiful device that you first purchased. You don't want to look at it let alone use it, especially if shards of glass are attaching themselves to your fingers each time you text. Luckily it is repairable and we at iPhixx can have it looking brand new again. Our iPhone 5 Screen Repair costs £89.99 and even comes with a 12 month...

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